UK aid to Ukraine

This week we were left enthralled by our guest speaker Gary Fear who talked to us about his trips to the Ukraine where he delivered crucial aid for war-torn families.

Gary Fear, an estate agent who works for Butters John Bee in Nantwich, described the trips as a most rewarding and humbling experience

Gary and his team were assisted by a local volunteer who assisted in getting into the areas most in need and the Ukraine Army who provided body armour so they could take provisions as close to the front line as possible.

He talked about loading vehicles with food and equipment purchased from supermarkets inside the Ukraine and distributing it people in need.

Typical of our own Rotary ethos.

Travelling many miles and many hours into the deepest region of the Ukraine seeing the devastation caused by a senseless war Gary and his team risk everything to help people.

Gary commented: We know we have done some great stuff on our trips and will continue to do so, with our next trip booked for September 2024

Anyone who can donate can drop any cash or cheques to 12 Parsons Drive, Gnosall ST20 0QS or click here.

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