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One of the key objectives of The Rotary Club of Cannock is supporting the young people of Cannock chase. The club work very closely with a number of schools in the area by encouraging them to take part in the many youth competitions organised to help young people develop core skills which they believe can only be a benefit in later life.

One area identified by a number of schools is literacy, so the club alongside Rotary Books4Home are working on projects to improve the situation. 

1 in 5 children aged 5 to 8 in England do not have a book of their own at home however, children and young people who do have a book of their own at home are six times more likely to read above the level expected for their age compared with their peers who don’t have their own book. Rotary Books4Home collect and donate pre-read books to schools and nurseries so that children can choose a book, take it home, read it and keep it forever.

The Book Boxes are placed at the entrance to the school. The doors are opened each evening for the children, along with their parents or carers, to choose a book together. They take the book home and enjoy reading it together. The book can stay at home forever, or can be returned and swapped for a different one. Each box contains 200 books which equates to 2400 children who now have a book of their own to take home, read and keep forever. Quite a magnificent way for the Rotary clubs of Cannock and Bad Kreuznach-Nahetal to make a difference to the lives of children in our area.

Thanks to a generous donation of 3000 euros from the Rotary club of Bad Kreuznach-Nahetal in Germany, a club with over 40 years tripartite relationship with the Cannock club, 12 Book Boxes have now been donatedto primary schools in the area. 

The schools who have happily agreed to accept the Rotary Book Boxes complete with the 200 books are, Bridgtown PrimaryHazel Slade PrimaryWest Hill PrimaryPenkridge Middle SchoolSt Michael’s First (Penkridge)Sherbrook PrimaryJerome Primary (Norton Canes)Longford PrimaryLittleton Green Primary, Moorhill PrimaryGorsemoor Primary and Redhill Primary .

Book Boxes are placed at the entrance to schools
Rotary Books4Home
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